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Patrick O'Keefe
Laid to rest Sept 29, 2001

On September 11, 2001 Patrick O'Keefe, 44 years young from Oakdale, NY, went to work with his fellow firefighters, and never came home. As part of this team, it was his job to help others in need. It was his job to lay his life on the line each and every time he showed up. And so it was that along with many of his "brothers," he died while operating at Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 8087 at the "North Tower" 2 World Trade Center. Just trying to help others. Like throughout the rest of his life, giving it all.

A well respected and exemplary firefighter, he excelled at all he did receiving many citations for going above and beyond what was called for. As a senior member of Rescue Co 1 Manhatten, Patrick earned admiration both on the job, and at home.

According to one of his nieces, his motto was "Work hard, play harder." Free time would often find him taking family, friends and aquaintances sailing on the Great South Bay on his boat. He was also an accomplished carpenter, a chef, and with his Irish wit and humor, always offering a laugh to those around him.

Hi wife of 23 years Karen, and children Jennifer and Timothy must surely feel every single day the gap that this devoted dad, and husband left when he went to work that day. But i'm convinced that life with Patrick would have provided plenty of special moments, treasured memories and pleasant thoughts to make them smile in their quiet times of reflection and rememberance. The same would almost certainly be true of his proud parents Pat and Anne. For his 4 siblings and numerous in-laws the memories are surely as sweet and ample.

It's a great testimont to this wonderful man that the O'Keefe Foundation has been set up in his name. This wonderful organisation offers scholarships each year to regional students who have lost a parent to violence or are recent immigrents. It is fittingly funded through a regatta held each year entitled the 'Spirit-Rider Regatta' and inspired by Patricks love of sailing.

Patrick, you gave so much of yourself in life, and are still doing so. May your legacy always live on.

It is my extreme honor to remember you today.

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Blogger Cathy said...

Thank you for taking the time to remember this fallen hero, Patrick O'Keefe.

I remember Marion Britton.


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