Monday, September 11, 2006


Timothy John Coughlin

As the Senior Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald Securities and of ESpeed, Timothy was determined, successful and well liked by colleagues and clients both. But his tragic death on that fateful day 5 years ago at tower 1 of the World Trade Center left a gaping whole in more than just an office.
The list of loved ones left behind can be seen here in a death notice in the New York Times. It's far too long. There are too many lives missing a piece out of them now.

The saddest names of all are those of his 3 young children.
Ryann, now 9, Sean, now 8, and Riley, now 5 1/2.

None of them will be able to play basketball with their dad. No lacrosse playing either. In both sports he was most valuable player in high school at St Mary's. He followed this up with being named Stonehill's most valuable player in football in his senior year at college. No wonder he still competed in triathlons, played golf and went swimming.

His brother Frank Coughlin Jnr has been quoted as saying "People just wanted to be with him...Other people let friendships come to them, but Timmy was one who worked at it" It's no wonder there are so many messages from those who knew him here at this page. And there is this simple, yet heartfelt tribute from a college friend. Just goes to show the impression Timothy left on those whose lives he touched, no matter how long ago.

Timothy, I remember, and am mighty proud to do so. I only wish I'd gotten to know you under better circumstances.
To your family, I offer my deepest sympathies and hope that you have plenty of happy memories that make you smile when you think of this amazing man who was your husband, dad, brother and sadly missed family member. Reading about him, I get the sense there will be an abundence of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came upon this site,my son Chris Lunder is remembered here.I met Tim several times,but did not know him well.Tim was with RMJ at the time and I worked at FBI,both firms were govt bond brokers.I know Tim was well liked and a lot of fun to be with.May he and all the other fine young people lost on that dreadful day find a special place in heaven.Ed Lunder

Thu Feb 12, 05:07:00 AM  

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